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Yemma Goods Logo consists of a traditional moroccan door shape merged with the word Yemma written in arabic calligraphy, with the text "Yemma Goods" under the symbol

What Is Yemma Goods ?

Crafted by Heart, Shipped with Care: Unveiling Yemma Goods This is the 1st of 3 posts in which we introduce...
Mouad and Oussama, the founders of Yemma Goods : Moroccan Home Decor & Furniture

Meeting on the Mountainside: The Birth of Yemma Goods

Hello People! If you missed our previous post introducing Yemma Goods, we invite you to check it out before continuing...
The Largest bazar in Africa : Souk Elhad in Agadir, Morocco with over 3000 shops

What’s Our Inspiration To Start Yemma Goods ?

Hello everyone! In our previous post, we shared the story of how we—Oussama & Mouad—founders of Yemma Goods, first met....
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