Keepsake & Jewelry Box AYUR


  • Handmade of thuya wood burl.
  • Ornamented with : cedar wood, walnut wood & mother of pearl.
  • 2 Storage levels, the upper has 3 separated compartments, and a large one underneath.
  • The box is Lockable with a brass key.
  • Dimensions : Length 11″ | Width 8″ | Height 4.5″

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Introducing our top of line thuya wood keepsake box AYUR, made of rare thuya wood burl, and carefully carved and ornamented with cedar, walnut and shiny mother of pearl accents on the lid.

This wooden thuya burl box represents the true meaning of moroccan artistry and craftsmaship. Lockable with a brass key to keep your memories safe, as we like to say:

Store Your Valuables VALUABLY.

Measuring 10×8 inches, the AYUR box scores the perfect spot between compactness and ample storage space, either used for jewelry or sentimental keepsakes, it adds charm and uniqueness to any room.

To preserve the beauty of your box, simply wipe with a soft cloth and avoid exposure to direct sunlight or moisture.

Each box is 100% handcrafted, limited hand tools are used in the process, each little decoration piece of wood or mother of pearl, is cut and polished by hand and carefully placed in its place, to give, at the end, this beautiful decorative box.

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