Jewelry Box TASA


  • Handmade of Thuya wood burl.
  • 2 Storage levels, the upper has 3 separated compartments, and a large one underneath.
  • The box is Lockable with a brass key.
  • Dimensions : 8.2″ x 5.5″ x 3.14″

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Yemma Goods brings you its stunning Moroccan thuya wooden keepsake box that comes in 3 dimensions, handcrafted with love by our skilled Moroccan artisans, a perfect way to store your jewelry or valuable belongings.

Thuya tree is very rare and exclusive to Essaouira region in Morocco, and was named by ancient romans THUYA (araar tree in english) meaning : “Tree of life”.
It has a unique fragrance similar to cedar, just a nostalgic odor that reminds you of your 3rd grade new pencil smell.
Its roots (the burl) are even more rare, which makes its products real luxurious treasures, especially with its intricate natural wood burl grain patterns that catches the eyes of a beauty and uniqueness seeker.

Each box is 100% handcrafted, limited hand tools are used in the process, each little decoration piece of wood or mother of pearl, is cut and polished by hand and carefully placed in its place, to give, at the end, this beautiful decorative box.

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Small 8"x5.5", Medium 10"x6", Large 12"x8", Extra Large 14.2"x10"


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